Exams are tough.

At some point, all students struggle with the following:

1    They have gaps in their knowledge

2    They have no idea how to start studying

3    They know the stuff but they just can't show it in an exam

We've been through these exact same things.

We learned the hard way that you don't need to go through this alone.

This is why we run comprehensive exam revision courses - to teach you everything we wish we knew.

These courses are designed and taught by top university students that have figured out the secrets to succeeding in NCEA exams. 

Each two-day course will include:  

-    Reteaching ALL the examinable content 

-    Step by step walkthrough of past exam questions 

-    A complete set of revision notes to take away 

-    A tailored action plan to help you structure your study afterwards. 

Each two-day course will include: 

- Reteaching ALL the examinable content

- Step by step walkthrough of past exam questions

- A complete set of revision notes to take away

- A tailored action plan to help you structure your study afterwards.

Each course is two days long from 9:30am to 5:00pm, with plenty of breaks and group activities.

Key info

Subjects: Maths, Science, and English NCEA Level 1 - 3

Location: Albany Senior High School

Class size: Limited to 12 students per course 

All high school students are welcome, including those who are not currently studying at Albany Senior High School


Normal price: $220 per 2-day course (covers one subject)

Group discount: $195 per 2-day course. Get $25 off for each student when 3 students book together for the same course

Who are our tutors?

All MyTuition tutors are high achieving university students that aced their subjects in high school. 

Over 10 top tutors will be teaching these courses at Albany Senior High School. Meet two of them below:


NCEA grades: Excellence endorsement for Level 3 Chemistry

Currently studying: Bachelor of Business and International Hospitality     


NCEA grades: Excellence endorsement for Level 3 Physics

Currently studying: Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Honours)


If the course subject you'd like is fully booked or not displayed, please email us at examrevision@mytuition.nz or call 021 0709717.

Note: We are gauging demand for Level 1 Maths before opening a course. If you're interested, please please email us at examrevision@mytuition.nz, or call 021 0709717 if you have any questions at all :)

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at: examrevision@mytuition.nz, or call 021 0709717.