Walk out ready for your 2018 exams

Individual Tutoring

We provide academic tutoring all year round for Year 7 - 13 including CIE, NCEA, and IB.

Lessons available in-home in Auckland & Wellington, and Online Lessons available nationwide.

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Exam Revision Courses

2 days of comprehensive revision, designed to save you weeks of aimless studying.

Check below to see if your school is participating.

Click here to learn about revision courses at JHC

(NCEA. Non JHC students welcome)

Click here to learn about revision courses at ASHS

(NCEA. Non ASHS students welcome)

Not at one of these schools?

No worries! The Exam Revision Courses at Albany Senior High School (Auckland) and James Hargest College (Invercargill) are open to all Y11-13 students. Students from other schools are welcome.