Our values - OCEANS


We take ownership of everything that we do, our actions and our mistakes. We never say "that's not my fault" or "no-one told me". We are reliable and see things through, and create things that we are proud of.


We're intensely curious in every situation, and strive to understand everything as deeply as we can. We're constantly learning and never assume that we know everything.


We will listen rather than talk, we will care rather than judge. We are real life people who love to communicate honestly, tactfully, and openly.

We value the genuine relationships that we build, and we will always do what's fair and what's right.


We will get things done. We will make things happen. We're outcome oriented and will work fiercely towards achieving our goals. We will find ways to do things rather than excuses why we can't.


We will nurture and support each other to help each other become the best that we can be. We believe in each other.

We also hold each other accountable, because anything less would be doing that person a disservice.


We reflect on things we do well and things we need to improve on. We strive to be self-aware and mindful of our thoughts, actions, and emotions

We believe in constantly working towards becoming a better version of ourselves.

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