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Help a younger version of yourself succeed

Tutor your students weekly and help them achieve their goals.

We believe in keeping things relatable. Be not only their teacher but also their mentor and their friend. Pass on all the knowledge you wish you knew back then and see the impact you have on their lives. Tutoring and mentoring are high-impact activities that look great on a CV.

The perfect job for a busy uni student

We know that as a uni student, you might have an awkward timetable - that's completely fine. You also don't want to travel too far - fair enough. We'll work with you to create a schedule that fits around your university life.

Key details

  • $25 per hour for individual tutoring
  • Personalised schedule according to your timetable (3 to 6+ hours a week)
  • Teach the subjects you're good at
  • Students close to home

We believe in you

Most university students underestimate how much they have to offer. You've been studying for most of your life and have learned a lot along the way. Think about all the things that a younger version of yourself wished they knew - these are the things that can change the lives of your students for the better.

We'll provide you with all the training and guidance you need, and there will always be people you can turn to for support.

Who are we?

MyTuition is an education startup that passionately believes in bringing people together and helping them succeed together. We won't just give you students and leave you – there's a community with you every step of the way.

In three years, we've grown from a garage into one of New Zealand's largest tutoring providers with a team of over 400 tutors.


  • You must have completed NCEA, Cambridge or IB
  • If you sat NCEA, you would need Excellence subject endorsements for the subjects you want to tutor
  • If you sat CIE, you would need A's or A*'s for the subjects you want to tutor
  • If you sat IB, you would need a 6 or 7 for the subjects you want to tutor

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