A lesson isn't just a lesson - it's a step in a journey. Through weekly lessons, we explain difficult topics, help students prepare for exams, and guide them through the year. Whether you want to pass or get top marks, we're with you from start to finish.

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Learn smart

Whether it is reinforcing what was learned in school last week, explaining stubborn topics, or preparing for exams, the lessons will be relevant. Having studied NCEA and Cambridge (CIE) ourselves during high school, we will teach to the exact curriculum that the student is facing - not one from Australia or Asia, and not one from 1995.

By treating each lesson as a conversation with a peer, not a lecture from a superior, we will help the student build confidence and develop the right skills. Throughout the year we will expose them to exam style questions, work on exam techniques, and show them how to approach different situations. Our lessons focus on not just helping students enjoy and understand a subject, but also bridging the gap between understanding and doing well in exams.

Connect with the best

We'll connect you with one of our amazing tutors, and set up lessons on a schedule that suits you.

High school can be a busy time and we'll happily work around co-curricular activities so you won't have to worry about things like soccer training or piano practice interfering with lessons.

Lessons can take place at home, or at a local public library. If you're not sure how much help you need, we recommend starting with weekly lessons lasting 1 or 1.5 hours each.

Just give us a few details and we'll tell you more about who we have available, answer any questions you may have, and if you choose to go ahead we'll set everything up for you.

Grow together

Our job doesn't end after we've arranged a tutor for you. We will work closely with our tutors and yourself to help you achieve your goals.

After every lesson, you'll receive a summary detailing what happened during the lesson, areas of weakness and strength, and the recommended next steps in the student's journey.

Your tutor will be on your side, building your confidence, keeping you up to date, and pushing you to achieve more.

Our team at HQ monitors the progress of all of our students. You will have their own support team helping you through the year, keeping track of their progress and providing ongoing guidance.