Stay safe - 1:1 online tutoring available through live video call


Private in-person lessons


With friends:

Personalised lessons. Undivided attention.


Private individual lesson - one student


With friends:

Personalised lessons through video chat and online whiteboard.

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Our promise

If you're not happy with the first lesson and decide not to continue, it will be completely free.

We're all about arranging the right tutor for you. If for whatever reason the first lesson does not work out, then please let us know.

Recommended lesson lengths

1 hour per subject for Year 7 - 10

1 hour per subject for Year 11 - 13 if feeling relatively confident

1.5 hours per subject for Year 11 - 13 if not feeling very confident

Consistency is important for building momentum and achieving your goals.

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Questions & Answers

How do I pay?

Payments are done via direct debit and are paid after each lesson. You will be asked to setup payment after your first lesson. Please do not pay our tutors directly as we pay them separately.

When is my payment due?

We will send you invoices every fortnight which are payable within one week. Other billing frequencies are available upon request.

What are online lessons?

They're the exact same as a normal lesson, except held online. They are highly effective for many students, and this is down to personal preference.

For more information, click here.

Why are online lessons more affordable?

The quality of the lesson is similar, but there are no longer any travel costs involved.

Because of this, it's also easier to match tutor and student schedules.

Is there a minimum number of lessons?

Not at all. Whether you want a one-off lesson or weekly lessons you will be charged the same hourly rate.

What's your refund policy?

If you're not happy with your first lesson, just let us know and it will be completely free.

Can I cancel a lesson?

No worries, just give the tutor 24 hours notice and there won't be a penalty. Otherwise, a fee may be charged to reimburse the tutor. This fee is usually 50% of the lesson, but won't be more than the cost of a one hour lesson.

What does each lesson include?

A tailored lesson with an amazing tutor, with a detailed summary of what happened after each lesson. You will also receive ongoing support and advice from our team through the year as we monitor your progress.

Who keeps track of payments?

We keep a record of every single lesson and will notify you after each lesson so there won't be any surprises when you receive the invoice.

What if only one student shows up to a pair lesson?

The lesson will be treated as an individual lesson at the individual rate.

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