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Useful insights for parents of High School students in NZ - Learn about what your children are studying at high school, what you need to watch out for, and how to be a part of their education.

How Hamish dealt with feeling ‘lost in the crowd’ at school

By: Maggie Shui

In this article, English and maths tutor Hamish tells us about feeling like an anonymous student on a factory line, and how having the right mentorship led him to score the top mark in New Zealand for Scholarship Economics.... Read more

How Reuven found his motivation for studying - after leaving school

By: Maggie Shui

In high school, Reuven barely did homework and was anticipating the day he could leave school. Now, he's completed his Honours degree with first class honours, and will pursue further postgraduate study. What happened to make him change his mindset towards education?... Read more

How Dhruv turned his worst subject into his best

By: Maggie Shui

Dhruv thought he was "just dumb" in English. At the end of Year 11, however, he'd attained an A* in IGCSE English. How did Dhruv's self-confessed worst subject become his A* subject?... Read more

Common-sense study advice that you know but don’t follow

By: Maggie Shui

Plan ahead, start early, drink water - you’ve heard study advice like this before. It’s common sense. You have this information stored in your brain… but do you know it in your heart? In your soul?... Read more

How NCEA works for Students in New Zealand

By: Jimmy Li

Whether you're a parent or a student, NCEA can be a bit confusing. Since it takes three years to complete and determines your prospects after high school, you should probably learn more about it and how everything works. Have no fear - this article will tell you the key things that you need to know... Read more

NCEA vs Cambridge (CAIE) and how it affects University Entrance

By: Jimmy Li

Despite being the two most popular high school options for students in New Zealand, there's a lot of confusion around what they actually are and the differences between the two. Inconveniently, most people only really understand their pathway after they've started. Not to worry, this article will go over what they are and the main differences between the two, based on the personal experiences of our students and tutors here at MyTuition... Read more

What grades do I need to get into a NZ university?

By: Maggie Shui

Here's everything you need to know about NZ university entry requirements, whether it's rank scores, literacy and numeracy, or how to get discretionary entrance.... Read more

A step by step guide to studying medicine in New Zealand

By: Maggie Shui

What subjects should you take if you want to study medicine? How do you get into medical school? What comes after that? Read through to get all your medicine related questions answered.... Read more

How working in high school helped Matt excel in his career

By: Maggie Shui

In Year 12, Matt worked three part-time jobs. Matt tells us why on earth he did that, his missteps and how it all paid off in the end.... Read more

Two big ways that students waste time while studying for exams

By: Jimmy Li

Just like a day at the office, it's possible for a high school student to be busy for hours and get absolutely nothing done. Today we're going to go through two, really important parts of the study process and why many students waste so much time doing them wrong... Read more

How Cambridge (CAIE) works for students in New Zealand

By: Jimmy Li

Cambridge (CAIE) can be a bit confusing, especially with all the acronyms. Whether you're a parent or a student, it's a good idea to understand how everything works and be able to see the bigger picture. Have no fear - this article will tell you the key things that you need to know... Read more

A better way to memorise things from your textbook

By: Jimmy Li

A better way to memorise things from your textbook... Read more

Students forget 95% of what they learn in high school after 3 days. Here's how to help them study

By: Jimmy Li

Humans have terrible memory. The brain absorbs a lot of useless information every day. Things like the number-plate of the car in front of you, or a conversation you overheard on the side of the road. Most of that info isn’t needed, and the brain naturally forgets it along with a lot of useful information. Sometimes surprisingly, high school students are humans too so all of this applies to them... Read more

University 101

Practical advice for University students in NZ - Meaningful content on job hunting, university life, and discovering what you want to do.

A guide to your first year of studying engineering at university

By: Maggie Shui

We talked to eight engineering students and professionals about their studies at university to give you a peek into what the first year of an engineering degree in New Zealand is like.... Read more

Jenny's accounting journey: first year of uni

By: Jenny

Jenny nearly chose to study medicine. However, after contemplating what she wanted most out of her career, she went with commerce and hasn't looked back since.... Read more

Rahul's medicine journey: first year of uni

By: Rahul

Here's Rahul to share his insights and wisdom on all aspects of his first year at uni, including the much-discussed application process for med... Read more

Two inconvenient truths you learn when starting university: Studying

By: Jason Chan

There can be quite of a jump between high school and University – things get harder, the workload gets tougher, and what you may have come to rely on in high school might not necessarily work anymore.... Read more

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