Meet some of our Mount Roskill tutors

We currently have a team of over 600+ active tutors. We cover most of the major subjects in NCEA, Cambridge (CAIE), IB, and Year 7 to 10.

Meet a few of them below!

The right match

We believe that the most important thing affecting how a student learns is who is teaching them.

The specific tutors we arrange for you will be depend on the student, where they are based, and what they need help with.

Profile Photo of Aruni


Bachelor of Science (computer science & psychology) and Commerce (management & economics) conjoint

NCEA Tutor

For Maths, Economics and English

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Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery

NCEA Tutor

For Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science and Maths

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Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science)

Cambridge Tutor

For Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology

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Bachelor of Arts (Sociology and German)

NCEA Tutor

For English

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Profile Photo of Youting


Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) / Bachelor of Science Conjoint

NCEA Tutor

For Maths

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Profile Photo of Aishu


Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science

NCEA Tutor

For Maths, Biology and Science

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